Dream Membership

Becoming a Nightkid is the only way to purchase exclusive NFT art pieces from our Sleeper Hits collection. We will be minting 5,555 ERC-721 membership tokens.

The initial sale for the 5,555 memberships will be here on the Nightkids membership page. In order to purchase a membership, you must have a MetaMask wallet and Ethereum. There will be a limit of 5 memberships per transaction. The memberships will be 0.1 ETH.

This ERC-721 token is the membership for NightkidsNFT Season 1. This membership is therefore not a lifetime membership. This season we have plans for 4 major collections that are artist collaborations, 1 collection from our own in-house team, and we may add smaller drops as we go. If the initial membership drop is sold out, they may be traded on the open market at OpenSea . If you choose to sell this token you will lose access to our members only drops.

Once a member, you will have exclusive access to our art collections for our first season, titled Sleeper Hits. Each Sleeper Hits Volume will contain 5,555 minted pieces, one for each of our membership holders. The art pieces will be minted on our Sleeper Hits page and will be sold at 0.06 Ethereum. Members will have 7 days from the date and time of the drop to claim a piece from the collection. If there are pieces that are not claimed after the 7 days, other members will have the opportunity to buy the unclaimed pieces.

If pieces from our Sleeper Hits Collection sell out they may be found at OpenSea. You do not have to be a Nightkid member to purchase a resale of one of our art pieces.

We believe in the importance of community which means we will be accessible to our members and active in the space. We intend on being transparent regarding our projects, and we have many exciting ideas for Nightkids.

Note: 7 memberships will be reserved for our genesis drop artists, 3 for our team, 3 to pay back community members for their help, and 10 for giveaways (23 total reserved memberships).